MGLive! Race 2

After a long wait between races David and Marc took to the grid for Race 2 in the MG Trophy at MG Live.

David got a great start by swinging immediately left and taking the outside line into the first corner. By the time he got to the hangar straight he’d managed to make up a good handful of places. There was lots of dicing with ZRs and MGFs and on lap three managed to get into the 2.42s. Unfortunately he was pushing too hard and managed to do 360 degree spin on the last corner. Luckily he only lost 2 places in what was a slightly less eventful race and finally finished 32nd.

In pure MG Trophy terms he finished 24th and 21st in the two races – with definitely his best racing yet. This performance now means that he’s up to 13th in the championship- a great performance.

Marc started from 38th and although he got a good get away off the line quickly found himself involved with lots of cars. After a couple of reasonably slow laps he then picked up the pace keeping up with a group of MGFs and ZRs ahead. His best moment was definitely on the last lap were he overtook an unsuspecting MGF on the outside through the historic club section.

He finished 39th overall or 24th in MG Trophy terms.

Thanks to all the family and friends who came along to support us over the weekend. Although the racing was dry Silverstone was quite wet and muddy at times! We’ll also be posting videos in the next day or so…

About csasport

I'm going to be blogging about Church Square Autos' 2010 season in the MG Trophy.
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