Plans for 2012

It’s been a little quiet on the blog recently as we prepare ourselves for the 2012 season.

Our first race of the season will be Mike in our MG Midget at Castle Coombe. He’ll be racing in the HRDC ‘Grand Touring Greats’ for pre-’66, sub-1500cc GT cars. We’ve finally solved the engine issues that the car had suffered over the winter and now it’s ready to go. Here’s a couple of pictures of it at Brooklands for a Sunday breakfast a couple of weeks ago:



Before you ask, no it won’t be racing against the DeLorean in the second photo!

Our two MGFs will then be appearing at Brands Hatch on the first weekend in May, with Class D champion Marc in the 95 car and David in his number 65. We’ll obviously have more details on this the closer we get, but here’s our on board from this MG Trophy race last year:

We’ve also had quite a few birthdays in February so happy birthday to Suzi, Lisa and Andrea!

We’ll post more as and when we have it – so check back soon!


About csasport

I'm going to be blogging about Church Square Autos' 2010 season in the MG Trophy.
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