Goodwood Sprint Highlights

While the world sits in front of the TV in anticipation of the Royal Wedding, we’ve been putting together the videos from Easter Monday’s Goodwood Sprint.

It was a good day for everyone and the weather, again, was beautiful. Initially the practice session (2 laps round the track) went well, with our team posting the following times: Mike – 212.39 seconds, David – 216.60, Marc – 222.70. (Marc would claim it was just a practice run so the times didn’t matter!) Here’s the videos:

Mike practice:

David practice:

Marc practice:

The sprint itself, then involved two separate laps from standing starts, with the fastest laps counting. The first lap times were: David – 109.61 seconds, Mike – 110.58 and Marc – 111.17 , so all covered by only 1.5 seconds. The videos are here (not one for David due to technical issues):



The final official runs then were even faster with David winning with a 107.27 seconds (and finishing 39th overall out of 80 starters), Mike posted a 107.65 (42nd) and Marc with a 108.60 (46th). Again, there’s no video for David, but you can watch Marc and Mike (destroying an engine by overrevving it – not impressed!):



David then actually posted the fastest lap in the extra laps available at the end – a 105 seconds (over 2 faster than previously). David (for once!) and Marc’s extra laps are available here:

Thanks to everyone who came along! We’ll have updates about our next outing (Mike at Snetterton in the Anglia) in the coming days…

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I'm going to be blogging about Church Square Autos' 2010 season in the MG Trophy.
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