Troubles at Silverstone

After David completed his season at Snetterton last week, it was now Mike’s turn to do his last race of the year on the Silverstone national circuit yesterday.

In mixed weather conditions the signs were promising with Mike qualifying in 22nd place.

In the race after a poor start he had started to make his way up through the field:

Unfortunately his race came to an end at the start of his 7th lap when he came through the final corner and managed to lose control of the car on the start/finish straight crashing into the pit wall. We haven’t had the chance to fully assess why this happened yet, but there must have been some kind of mechanical failure. The onboard video is here:

The damage on the left hand side of the car is pretty hefty and will take most of the winter break to fix which is a great shame. However the good news is that Mike is fine and that the car isn’t a write off. Will post photos of the car when we have some.


About csasport

I'm going to be blogging about Church Square Autos' 2010 season in the MG Trophy.
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