MG Live!

Although we’ve been a little quiet on the blog in May, we’ve been working away on both out MGF’s (no.’s 65 and 95) to get them ready for this weekend’s MG Trophy.

The main upgrades are that the 65 has been “chipped”. In David’s opinion it should help with the amount of revs and initially this seems to be a real positive. In terms of the 95 it’s had new brakes installed and its suspension is now being sorted.

As we’ve mentioned before this will be Marc’s first race and he’ll be driving the 95 with David in his 65 as usual. Marc will also be wearing a new helmet for the weekend:

The field for the two MG Trophy races will also be extended due to the fact that the race will contain entries from the MGOC classes F and Z. This means there’ll be another 8 MGFs in the field of 46 for us to race against! Our races will be at 3.30 on the Saturday and 3.15 on the Sunday. The schedule for MG Live (the world’s largest MG event) can be found here (for entertainment) and here for the racing. We’ll be at Silverstone from Friday (when we’ll be testing) and we hope to post lots of updates, photos and even videos over the course of the weekend.

Our sponsor, the MGF Register, will also have a big presence at the weekend- so there really is no excuse not to come down and support us!


About csasport

I'm going to be blogging about Church Square Autos' 2010 season in the MG Trophy.
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