Test day update

Although the track dried from wet to damp in the morning, the weather unfortunately got worse in the afternoon and it never really stopped raining after lunch. David, Marc and Mike all had runs in the MGF and were lapping in the 2.02-2.05 region depending on how hard the rain was at any given time. Here are a couple of photos from the day, and we’ll hopefully have more (and maybe a video later this week).

What this did mean though was that Mike didn’t manage to get the mileage he would have liked to check everything over in the Anglia. So for the Goodwood Spring Sprint he’s now going to run our track day car – the black MGTF 160 instead. The weather is also a concern, we’d obviously like a lovely spring day, but as you can see here it’s looking more like April showers at the moment.

At least there’s no snow forecast (yet)…


About csasport

I'm going to be blogging about Church Square Autos' 2010 season in the MG Trophy.
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