A good morning

We’ve had a good morning down at the goodwood test.

We’ve completed 88 miles in the MGF and probably around half that in the Anglia. The only problem was been the weather! The track was wet initially and although it dried so there was a racing line, it’s now chucking it down over lunch.

The Anglia was lapping in the 2.05-2.10 range, Mike described it as “very twitchy when you got the power down”. However he’s happy as he’s bedded in the new brakes and the gearbox is working fine now.

The MGF was initally lapping in the 2.04 range. Once the track dried a little David managed a 1.50.30 and Marc did a 1.50.20. It drove well although was a little bit of a handful underbraking.

Let’s hope the rainends soon so we can go out this afternoon.


About csasport

I'm going to be blogging about Church Square Autos' 2010 season in the MG Trophy.
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